Heidi Montag Is Getting Paid To Go To A Strip Club And Not Strip

Photo credit: Unknown

Former star of MTV’s The Hills, Heidi Montag, hasn’t seen her career hit rock bottom yet. She’s getting about as close as possible, though. She’s so close she can take the cold, salty rock.

According to TMZ, Montag has just accepted a strip club’s offer of $25,000 to appear at the club. There’s a catch, though: she won’t be getting nude. She’s apparently just going to show up and not strip. That is worth $25,000, somehow.

Making things even less sexy is the fact that Montag’s husband, Spencer Pratt, is expected to be on-hand, too.

For anyone who wants to go see Montag stay fully clothed inside a strip club, it’s happening on October 19th at the Crazy Horse III club in Las Vegas. It’s apparently some kind of anniversary party for the venue. We’re guessing there will be real strippers there, too, but it seems possible that a club stupid enough to pay Heidi Montag $25,000 to not strip will also be stupid enough to blow its entire budget on hiring one non-stripper. If you’re planning to attend, you should probably call ahead to confirm that there will, in fact, be at least a few nude women there.

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