Simon Pegg Says He’s All For A ‘Left 4 Dead’ Game Set In The ‘Shaun of the Dead’ World

The idea was harebrained at first, but now it appears that there’s a sliver of hope that it might actually happen. A group of gamers has been campaigning for a custom campaign in Valve’s Left 4 Dead (the PC version of the game) to be set in the world of Shaun of the Dead.

The proposed idea has a name, Left 4 Winchester, and a website (though there’s not much there at this time). It sounds like the modders are ready to get working on the campaign. They have plans to include locations from the movie like Shaun’s apartment, his mom’s house and the Winchester Tavern.

There’s just one (gigantic) issue that’s holding them back: they can’t legally use anything from Shaun of the Dead. They could do it without permission, of course, but that would be equivalent to begging for a lawsuit.

Valve owns Left 4 Dead and Universal owns all the rights to Shaun of the Dead. In order for a L4D campaign to be set in the world of Shaun of the Dead, the gaming company would need to buy a license from Universal. That, presumably, would be prohibitively costly.

Enter: actor Simon Pegg. The star of Shaun of the Dead says that he’s aware of the idea and he loves it. On his Twitter feed, he promised to get involved and try to make it actually happen:

Will Pegg be able to convince the suits to sign off on something like this? Let’s hope so, because it would be awesome.

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