Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone Displays Compared

Although it has taken the world by storm, the iPhone 5 has faced its fair share of problems early on.

First, there’s the brutal new mapping app, which places cities miles from their actual locations (Apple has since apologized for the fiasco). Avoiding using your network data on this mapping software.

Then there were reports that an Apple software glitch caused iPhone 5 WiFi network users to rack up huge data charges.

Now, we’ve caught wind of a new study which finds that the iPhone 5 display is, on paper, less impressive than that found on the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The new report is supplied by IHS iSuppli, which earlier this week tore apart both a Galaxy S III and an iPhone 5 to compare their internal components.

That teardown showed that Samsung’s Galaxy S III display is 3/64 of an inch thick and is capable of displaying 100 per cent of the colors in the National Television System Committee (NTSC) standard.

By comparison, the iPhone 5’s display is thicker (1/16th of an inch) but only displayed about three-quarters of the NTSC colors.

Technical improvements to the iPhone 5 led IHS iSuppli to conclude that the new phone’s display relays a “more vibrant and crisper image with improved color saturation than the iPhone 4S.”

At the same time, IHS analyst Vinita Jakhanwal noted that the lower color count “may not necessarily make the iPhone 5 display look worse than the Galaxy S III.”

In fact, the lower color count might actually help the iPhone 5. Jakhanwal indicated that some people had found the Galaxy S III’s display to be “oversaturated and unrealistic.”

Although it didn’t relate any specific findings, the IHS teardown also revealed that the Galaxy S III uses a more efficient display technology that, in theory, could help the Samsung smartphone’s battery last for longer periods of time.

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