Living Anime Girl Is Probably The Creepiest Thing Ever (PHOTOS)

Do fans of anime actually want the characters to come to life? As a complete anime noob, I was always under the impression that it was the separation from reality that made anime so attractive to its fans.

A teenager from the Ukraine wants anime needs to become a reality–specifically, she wants to be anime–so she has spent hundreds of hours and plenty of money trying to transform herself into a real-life anime character. The results, not surprisingly, are super creepy.

Her real-life name is Anastasiya Shpagina, but she goes by the anime name Fukkacumi (make your own joke). She’s 5’2, weighs just 85 pounds and she’s 19 years old. And she looks like she’s made of plastic.

Apparently, Fukkacumi spends half an hour every day applying huge amounts of makeup to her eyes, in order to make them look like the over-sized eyes of an anime girl. She has long, dyed-red hair and the complexion of a Barbie doll. And, of course, she wears the shorts skirts and knee socks that pretty much every female in the anime world wears.

Judging by her photos, it looks like she’s done an adequate job of making herself look like a real-life anime character (though I think she’s giving herself a bit of help via Photoshop–no one’s eyes are that big). What do you think?

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7 Responses to Living Anime Girl Is Probably The Creepiest Thing Ever (PHOTOS)

  1. The images may be photoshopped in some ways but not to make her eyes larger. That’s what the make up and contacts are for. She wears circle contacts are colored contacts that enlarge the iris and then she uses white eye liner on her waterline and underneath it. The black liner is far under her actual eye. And of course the fake lashes help also. She has a tutorial on youtube. I’m probably going to do this for Halloween…

  2. That is freaky but ive seen creepier. 🙂

  3. This Is Weird . !

  4. where do girls like her get the money from? clearly if she spends all day wearing make-up -where is the time for a regular job? 😛

    and I always thought it was only asians who were obsessed with anime.

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