Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano Has Cancer

The Indianapolis Colts have just announced that the team’s head coach, Chuck Pagano, will leave the team to receive medical treatment. He has just been diagnosed with cancer.

The good news, if there can be anything positive with news like this, is that Pagano has a treatable form of leukemia, acute promyelocytic leukemia. His prognosis looks good.

Pagano will soon leave the team and begin treatment. The first phase will likely last between four and six  weeks, most of which will require Pagano to remain in hospital. Most patients go into remission after this phase. If Pagano achieves remission, he is then likely to go through two to three months of additional chemotherapy. He is hoping to be back with the team in four weeks.

Pagano had reportedly been very fatigued and he had even begun finding unexplained bruises on his body. In typical NFL coach fashion, he waited until his team’s bye week to get blood tests performed.

Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will serve as the team’s interim head coach.

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