Lil Wayne Doesn’t Care About Your Deposition Questions (VIDEO)

Lil Wayne is still trying to sue to the people who made the 2009 documentary The Carter, which he feels portrays him in a negative light (he’s right, but it’s his own fault because he’s stoned out of his mind for the entire film) and he has argued used his music without his permission. Everyone’s already seen the film and the damage is done, but Wayne isn’t willing to let it go.

The self-proclaimed “superstar” recently participated in a deposition for the lawsuit, which is basically just a chance for lawyers to ask questions to the people involved in the case, as a way to build their case. Let’s just say that, despite the fact that the judge who will oversee the case was sitting right next to him, Weezy wasn’t exactly in the mood to play along with the lawyer’s line of questioning. Some of the questions were, admittedly, a bit dumb, but Wayne comes across as a gigantic dick.

TMZ has the video:

During the deposition, Wayne mocks the lawyer’s questions, claims to be psychic, claims to forget pretty much ever detail that’s relevant to the case and then proclaims that he doesn’t have to do anything, even if a judge tells him to do it in a court of law. Right…

If Wayne’s plan with this lawsuit is to prove to the world that he’s not on so many drugs that his brain has basically shut down, as it appeared at times in the documentary, he’s not exactly doing a good job of it.

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