Sofia Vergara Wardrobe Malfunction Is The Only Emmys Story Worth Caring About (PHOTOS)

The Emmys happened last night. Some people won awards for their acting on television. Some didn’t. Few people outside of those in the room cared.

There was a major story that emerged from event, however. At least, major around these parts.

Modern Family star and ridiculously attractive person Sofia Vergara suffered a significant wardrobe malfunction. And it was actually a real wardrobe malfunction! That term is now used to describe pretty much every incident of accidental flashing, but what Vergara experienced was the real deal–her outfit for the event legitimately malfunctioned just moments before she was supposed to go on stage.

The zipper in the back of Vergara’s dress split open, revealing a flesh-toned thong wedged between her cheeks. Rather than trying to hide what happened, Vergara proudly tweeted out a picture of her world-famous behind to all her followers, saying, “Dress malfuncion !!! Thank you emergency team!!!”

Luckily for Vergara, a seamstress was on hand to quickly patch up the issue, so she didn’t have to walk out on stage with her butt showing.

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