Lindsay Lohan Criticizes Obama’s Tax Plan, Makes No Sense, Is Probably Just Drunk

In his speech last night at the Democratic National Committee in Carolina, President Barack Obama was critical of Mitt Romney and the Republican party’s promises to cut taxes and solve the problems of the economy.

“Have a surplus? Try a tax cut. Deficit too high? Try another. Feel a cold coming on? Take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations, and call us in the morning,” Obama joked.

He also boasted that, while he has no interest in cutting taxes for the rich, he’s cut them for those on the other end of the spectrum. “I’ve cut taxes for those who need it,” he said. “Middle-class families and small businesses.”

One American who isn’t on-board with Obama’s tax policies in Lindsay Lohan. In a drunked stupor (probably), Lohan took to Twitter to call out Obama for not doing enough to help people like her–people who really need help.

At least, that seems to be the message she was trying to get across. See if you can make sense of this unintelligible reply that Lohan tweeted to the POTUS:

What the heck is she trying to say? Is she claiming that Forbes called her a millionaire and the U.S. government decided to bump up her tax bracket because of it? Is she claiming to be poor? Does she actually think that there is anyone else in the entire world in her position–let alone enough people that the U.S. government needs to consider a special tax cut for failed actresses who have blown all their money on booze and blow?

Lohan has since deleted the tweet (she probably sobered up a bit), so we will probably never know what she was getting at.

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3 Responses to Lindsay Lohan Criticizes Obama’s Tax Plan, Makes No Sense, Is Probably Just Drunk

  1. It sounds to me like she’s concerned that part of the backlash against “rich celebrities” is unjustified because they aren’t rich anymore, and she wants to make sure that the IRS uses actual tax returns instead of relying on reporting in magazines to calculate tax brackets like they usually do.

  2. Who could possibly care about the opinion of a drunk who reads lines for a living.