News Anchor Asks Reporter If She Wants To ‘Canoodle,’ But Has No Idea What ‘Canoodle’ Means (VIDEO)

This video is so awkward that it is physically painful to watch. You’ve been warned!

The guy in the video above is Andrew Johnson, a news anchor who works for a network in Canada. By all accounts, he is a nice guy and not a creep. His vocabulary needs some work, though.

While throwing to weather reporter Astrid Braunschmidt on Wednesday’s broadcast, Johnson referenced an earlier news report and asked Braunschmidt if she’d like to “canoodle.”

She flatly said “we’re not going to be canoodling” and then the next few seconds stretched on for what seemed like an eternity of awkwardness.

“I thought canoodle meant chat,” said Johnson, after his producer told him via his earpiece what he had just suggested.

The dictionary definition of canoodling is “caressing, fondling, or petting amorously.” But Johnson surely is aware of this, by now. If he isn’t, his HR department will be making sure that he soon is.

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