Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter Says Obamacare Will Force Him To Increase Pizza Prices

Poor, poor John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s. He’s built a pizza empire, but he’s now fallen victim to evil president Barack Obama’s health care initiative, officially called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and colloquially dubbed “Obamacare.”

Schnatter has gone public with his company’s plan to raise the price of pizza by 15 to 20 cents. He complains that he’s been forced into the decision to charge more for pizza because Obamacare will increase the operational costs of his business. It’s all Obama’s fault.

First of all, did the people at Papa John’s not learn anything from the Chic-fil-A gay marriage fiasco? When you run a fast food company, it’s probably best to keep your political opinions to yourself. Already, users on Twitter are lashing out against Schnatter and his company. Though there will be an inevitable backlash and outpouring of support from conservatives, it’s unlikely to undo the damage that Schnatter’s comments have already done.

Secondly, do people like Schnatter really believe that Americans are so frugal and heartless that they won’t pay a few more cents for pizza if it means that millions of their fellow citizens can have access to health care? Here’s an idea: just raise the price and don’t complain about it in public. See if anyone even notices. Go to sleep at night knowing that there are fewer people out there whose lives will be ruined by a medical condition they can’t afford to get care for.

Thirdly, and most importantly, why not consider if you even need to raise the price of your pizza at all? John Schnatter has a net worth of $240 million. He was listed at number 17 on Forbes’ list of the richest Americans under the age of 40. He lives in a 40,000 square foot mansion with a 22-car underground garage and a private golf course. It’s safe to say he could leave the price of pizza the same and just cut into his profits a little bit.

John Schnatter is a prime example of the American dream–both the good parts of it and the bad. He built an business that millions love and he deserves to enjoy the wealth that comes with that. He also needs to understand that it’s the millions of Americans–many without health care–who made him as rich as he is today. And he needs to understand that, in order to maintain his place, he might just need to know when to shut up.

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4 Responses to Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter Says Obamacare Will Force Him To Increase Pizza Prices

  1. I believe that Schnatter can believe and say what he wants. First off he is worth 240 million because of….smart business practices. Also, the current inflation on the economy, in which the value of our dollar is falling, places him in a position to increase prices. One can even continue on a tangent that the US Government spending is out of control and is leading to socialism, as Karl Marx predicted the downfall of a capitalist society. It does not fall on one man shoulders; however motivation by one man towards many can be catastrophic.

    • @Brandon – You missed the point. It was even stated in the article. Yea people can say what they want. Sometimes its best they kept their mouth shut. One thing my parents always said is, your mouth can be your ruin.

  2. Arthur Hillman says:

    I feel so bad for him. I have net worth of $240.00 and can’t seem to get of Forbes list for all my hard efforts. However in the spirit of helping my fellow man because I can only imagine how difficult it must be to live on only 24 million dollars, If he would kindly leave a jar on the counters of his establishments I will drop in a dollar whenever I pass by Papa John’s Pizza. Don’t bother to thank me, glad to help out. By the way he might make more money if his pizza didn’t suck as bad as his commercials.

  3. Brandon = typical today’s pseudo-conservative fail. Marx did not predict that government spending would lead to socialism. He predicted that economic injustice would lead to economic collapse, which would inevitably lead to socialism. Schnatter’s actions are neither good business, nor good morality – his behavior is typical of what Marx thought would lead to socialism. By his mild reigning in of oligarchic excess. Obama makes it less likely that something like a Marxist revolution could happen.. how do we know this? By knowing history. This is something that already happened (FDR). It is amazing how little our so-called conservatives know about history.
    Likewise, inflation is not currently the big problem in the US, nor is high interest rates nor corporate taxes nor over regulation. Brandon’s version of history, economic theory, and business practice is tea party stupid. And Schnatter is no genius, he was merely lucky that he never had to deliver pizzas for a schmuck like himself – who would never have paid him enough to have bought his way into business. Arthur is a better man than I, I do not feel bad for him, I feel bad for his workers and I wish them luck in finding better work. And I will not drop a dollar into a jar for them, as I will not set foot in papa john’s: I encourage a boycott of his disgusting product, and aggressive oversight of his swiss accounts, his taxes, his kitchens, etcetera (sufficient to drive his sorry butt out of business).
    Bad business practice drives out good business practice. As long as cheaters are allowed to win, the winners are all cheaters. For the sake of the free market, government (which is the collective will of the people) NEEDS to shut down the abuses of the free market by the wealthy few.