Australian Guy Pranks His Friends And Family With A Wig Of His Own Hair (VIDEO)

Wow, Australians sure have a lot of close friends and family. Either that, or this guy is just a super cool and popular dude (or I’m a really lonely and pathetic guy).

The idea behind this prank is beautifully complex, yet simple at the same time. The guy in the video had long, shaggy hair. He then shaved all the hair off and painstakingly made a wig out of it that looked just like his own hair. He then wore that wig around his friends and family and asked them to be part of a video he was filming. At the right moment, he whipped off the wig and captured their reactions.

Have a look:

As you can see in the video, almost everyone was shocked at the sight of this guy pulling off his hair. Even his sister, who apparently gave him the idea for the prank, fell for it. Many were surprisingly grossed out when they found out that the wig was made of his real hair. What makes hair okay when it’s attached to a person’s head but gross when it’s glued to a wig?

As for why he decided to pull this prank, well, he answers that in the video.

“Why did you make it,” a friend asks.

“So I could put it on my head and trick people.”

What other answer do you need?

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3 Responses to Australian Guy Pranks His Friends And Family With A Wig Of His Own Hair (VIDEO)

  1. Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah says:

    This is pure awesome. Although I agree, watching this made me feel like the saddest, most friendless person ever.

    • Awww Charlotte, that makes me sad, well if you ever come to australia, come to brisbane and you’ll have one more friend…

  2. Hey David!
    Ah thanks so much for sharing my video! I’m so glad you liked it hey, it was killer fun to do. And yes, i’m so fortunate to have so many close and lovely friends and family hey.

    Thanks again!