What To Get Your Dad For Father’s Day: Man-to-Man Gifts

Getting gifts for guys is hard. Speaking from a female perspective, I have a hard time getting something for my own dad and most guy friends in general.

Ladies can gift each other with beauty supplies, cosmetics, clothes, but it’s just awkward to hand a present over to your pops, have him open it, to find a new razor, or body wash, or a framed photo of you in the tub.

Although these gifts aren’t that bad. It’s just hard sometimes. Am I wrong? Instead of a gift do guys just prefer some cold drinks on a patio?

Here are some potential gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day.

Pocket Knife – Nothing says you’re a man like having access to a potentially legal weapon. Okay, maybe not lethal, but dammit, you have a mini knife!

Sports Equipment – Okay, so you’re not made of money, and buying some golf clubs for your dad isn’t in the works, but how about some golf tees, or golf cap, or anything small and inexpensive? Maybe your dad likes to fish on occasion? Buy him some sweet lures.

BBQ Stuff – Does your dad have a license to grill? (Sorry, but it’s a sweet BBQ cooking show…) Get your dad some handy BBQ tools, or a BBQ apron. It’s not unmanly if he’s standing over a smoking pit full of BBQ goodness.

Beer – Hey, if you’re not legal and can’t buy your dad a fine malt or a case of beer, do the next best thing: beer mug. Bust out of the mug while bbq-ing after a game of golf (and simultaneously whittling a wood craving).

Game Tickets – Is your dad into baseball, basketball, golf? Maybe if you have a bit more money to spend, buy the old man a pair of tickets to his favorite sports event. Bonus: Maybe he’ll ask you to join him. Nothing says Father’s Day like a round of beers at a Yankees’ game. Plus, you get to see your dad get sloshed.

If none of this appeals to you, then go with the tried, tested, and true: drinks on the patio.

(Note: Man Hugs are always acceptable.)

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