Boston Celtics Tie Miami Heat In Game Four… At Least, According To This Clueless News Anchor (VIDEO)

Heat fans would probably feel better today if their team actually had tied the Boston Celtics last night, but, alas, there are no ties in playoff basketball. You know that. I know that. Everyone knows that.

Everyone, that is, except this clueless news anchor.

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt because it’s clear in the video below that she is being fed the news to report while live on the air. Still, a tie game? Really? I’m Ron Burgundy?

For those of you out there with an understanding of basketball rules that equals or falls short of her’s, the game last night went into overtime. The score she reported was, of course, the score at the end of regulation time. The Celtics eventually won the game.

The news anchor in question’s name is Meghan Torjussen and she works at WMTW, an ABC affiliate in southern Maine and northern New Hampshire. And she is setting back the movement of women in sports broadcasting by several decades.

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