New iPhone Display Is Definitely Taller Than The iPhone 4S (VIDEO)

Recently, we got a look at some leaked parts that are supposedly components of the upcoming iPhone (likely to be called the iPhone 5, but possibly just “the new iPhone”). It was evident to most from images of these parts that the next iPhone’s screen will be larger than its predecessor.

A new video from the Japanese Apple blog appears to confirm this hypothesis. A faceplate for the rumored new iPhone is placed on top of an iPhone 4S in the video and it is clearly about half an inch taller. Take a look:

Macotakara says that the new display will measure 4.07-inches. The display on the iPhone 4S (and all previous iPhones) was 3.5-inches. Though the new display won’t be as large as some of the newest Android phones (the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S III has a 4.8-inch display), it might be enough to satisfy the people who argue that the current iPhone’s screen is just too small to compete in today’s mobile market.

Though Apple may have some problems getting developers to scale up their apps to fit the new, taller iPhone screen, there are also some advantages to going bigger. The new screen is almost exactly 16:9, so HD movies and TV shows will fit perfectly with no black bars at the top or sides. This may lead a lot of people choosing to activate iPhones for their next mobile experience.

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