Guest Stars Galore On Live 30 Rock

30 Rock went live for the second time ever last night. Well, the third time ever if you count the two live shows they did on the same night in 2010 (they have to do it twice to be live for both the east coast audience and the west coast). It’s not an exagerration to say that billions of guest stars showed up to help out. Okay, maybe it’s a bit of an exagerration. But a lot of stars showed up and took part.

Paul McCartney made a cameo as himself in an early scene, but only the east coast audience got to see him. When the show went live for the second time three hours later, McCartney was replaced by Kim Kardashian. What does that say about the cultural gap between the east coast of America and those California hippies? Probably something, but I don’t want to try to figure it out.

Jon Hamm was also on hand, playing a newscaster in one scene and then taking part in an Amos ‘n’ Andy flashback later in the episode (much of the episode played homage to previous live television programs).

A bunch of Saturday Night Live cast members, both former and current, helped out, too. Amy Poehler played a young version of Liz Lemon, Jimmy Fallon played a young Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin’s character on 30 Rock) and Fred Armisen worked his way into a few shots, too.

Perhaps the coolest celebrity guest appearance was by actor and rapper Donald Glover, who’s usually seen on another show that airs on Thursdays on NBC, Community. Glover does a killer Tracy Morgan/Jordan impression and he got the chance to do it last night.

Take a look at some GIFs!

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