Watch The First 1:44 Of “The Dictator,” Starring Sacha Baron Cohen (VIDEO)

Despite the fact that the trailer was pretty lame, I have still been looking forward to Sacha Baron Cohen’s return to the big screen in The Dictator. I was one of the many who loved Borat and Bruno (though I promise you I have never publicly quoted either film) and I find myself wanting to give Baron Cohen the benefit of the doubt. I got a small chuckle out of the race scene in the trailer (go here if you haven’t seen it yet), but I found a lot of the other stuff (like the Kardashian joke) to be pretty cringe-worthy. But, maybe they’re saving the good stuff for the movie, right?

Here’s our first chance to find out. The opening scene of the movie has been posted to YouTube. It’s structured like a news broadcast and uses real footage of world leaders mixed with fictional stuff shot for the movie. It only lasts for 1:44, so it doesn’t give you much more than a tiny taste of what the movie will be like. Still, it’s worth a watch. Check it out:


To me, it doesn’t make me want to see the movie any more than the trailer did–in fact, it makes me not want to see it at all. These jokes are bad. That AIDS joke? Brutally unfunny. Date Movie-level bad. Borat and Bruno were interesting because their format was so unique–they featured footage of real people being duped by Baron Cohen. The Dictator is a big departure from that model in that it’s scripted. And the script apparently sucks.

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