Smartphone Smackdown 2012: iPhone Vs. Android Phone

With RIM’s BlackBerry fading fast, the remaining proud pugilists in the smartphone fight come down to just two heavyweights: Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phone. But which is better? That really depends on what it is you’re looking for in a smartphone.

Broadband Speeds

The first thing to consider: which smartphone connects to a network and then operates faster? Android phones support incredibly fast mobile broadband speeds like 4G, which iPhones simply don’t. If you’re in an area where 4G connections are possible, then it’s worth picking up an Android phone, which will help you download and upload data at a much faster clip.

Advantage: Android


This really depends on personal preference. If you think the best mobile phones have physical keyboards with real buttons, then you’ll want to pick up an Android phone. There are certainly a lot of touch-screen Android phones on the market, such as the Galaxy II Samsung Android phone, but there are also a few Android devices using the old-school physical keyboard. As for the iPhone, you’re stuck with a touch-screen. If that’s a deal breaker, well, your deal has officially been broken. The problem is that Android phones with physical keyboards tend to be lacking in other specs, so you’ll have to make some sacrifices to get the thumb-typing situation you want.

Advantage: Tie


Give Google credit: the Android Market is filling up fast with both free Android apps and those that cost a couple bucks. But, right now, Apple’s App Store still offers a whole lot more apps for iPhone. Furthermore, it’s still a whole lot easier to navigate the App Store than Android Market in order to find the iPhone apps that interest you.

Advantage: iPhone


Right now, it’s a whole lot easier to find Apple iPhone accessories, like chargers, adapters, and docks, than Android peripherals. With so many of those Apple accessories out there, it’s also a lot easier to find them at a discounted price, and that’s always ideal. It’s worth noting that Android phones vary in shape and size far more than iPhones, meaning you’ll have to work harder to find the right accessory for your device if you go with an Android smartphone.

Advantage: iPhone


Year after year, the cameras built into Apple’s iPhones beat their Android rivals and that continues to be the case with the Apple iPhone 4S. Although every new wave of Android phones, including the Google Nexus (manufactured by Samsung) and whatever the latest HTC Android phone is (it changes all the time–HTC makes a lot of phones), offer progressively superior built-in cameras, we can expect the upcoming and highly-anticipated iPhone 5 to boast an even better camera than the stellar iPhone 4S.

Advantage: iPhone

Verdict: iPhone Wins

Overall, Apple still holds a slight lead over the competition, though the gap is closing fast. Although ultimately which one you choose may depend on the price. While neither Android phones or iPhones are anywhere near free cellular phones, the iPhone is definitely in a higher bracket. With a slew of new Android devices expected this year, along with the iPhone 5, we could be re-writing this verdict soon enough.

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4 Responses to Smartphone Smackdown 2012: iPhone Vs. Android Phone

  1. raiony cordeiro says:


  2. Von Rod Limpot says:

    Iphone is better that any other android in the market.

  3. Tomas Gordini says:

    iPhone 5 does not exist. iPhone 4S’s camera was obsolete on release day having been beat-out by fully-subsidized phones w/ optical zoom/hdr and fast 1080p video.

    saying iphone ties on keyboard when there is no choice in the matter (only one keyboard) seems to be the biggest tell-tale sign this article is a sham. swype and third-party keyboards are supported on android.

    as for apps – you can’t install them on ios without being tied in with paypal/credit merchant. even then, if you have issues getting the card to work in the store – your ios device is locked-down and you can’t do anything. on android you can install anything you want – no big brother or personal information is required. all my kid’s favorite ipad games from school work on android. youtube on an ios5 looks absolutely terrible with no option to set quality even over wifi.

  4. How come there is know comparison based on costumization ?
    As for apps , i dont find any big difference as most of the apps in apple’s store are crap .
    You know why the camera on the iphone is better ? Cause it has a better screen (im talking about still photos only ) . The xperia ion has a 12 mega pixel camera vs iphone 4s’ 8 mp.