When will PSN be Back Online? – Sony Online Entertainment Gives Up the Details!

Within the week! That’s when the Playstation Network is prepared to be back online. We were all a little surprised (and miffed) on Sunday when we thought that PSN services would be resumed but it definitely didn’t go back to its old self.

Apparently Japan is back online and the UK is set to be online soon.

Why did this all happen?

The company suffered a massive security breach – a hack. The hacker stole approx. 77 million users’ credit card information.

Sony Updated users in this statement:

“Following a criminal cyber-attack on the company’s data centre located in San Diego, California, Sony Network Entertainment International quickly turned off the PSN and Qriocity services, engaged multiple expert information security firms over the course of several days and conducted an extensive audit of the system.

Since then, the company has implemented a variety of new security measures to provide greater continuous data protection of personal information. SNEI and its third-party experts have conducted extensive tests to verify the security strength of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.”

For all the trouble – Sony is giving each user 30 free days of PlayStation Plus Premium services as well as some free downloadable content for all the trouble.

We’ll have more for you when it comes back online.

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  1. Zakiller95 says:

    Dude, if xbox360 is is great as you say it is, there would be no competition. It is the concept of consumer sovergnity. The fact is the system doesn’t have a gender or a sexuality so neither can be gay or strait. But I you like the 360 nobody is stoping you.

  2. PS3 DA GREAT says:

    How about XboxAKA Shit Box 360 yea you should not be talking about the ps3 with ur fucking low graphics processor and the red ring of death you guys don’t even have enough space in ur disc is like 7 gigs but us ps3 gamers have dual layer blue ray disc witch gives us 70 gigs in the disc

  3. Nearly 3 weeks and not been able to go online, you would think a company that boast about all the tech it has in its systems but yet can be shut down for 3 weeks and more by a geek 😕 back to the drawing board i think

  4. PISSED AT PSN says:


  5. I’m tired of all you idiots saying that the PSN is free and you have to pay for XBOX. First of all you pay $100.00 more for the PS3 than the XBOX so right there is approximately 2 years of XBOX Live. Second PSN sucks A** they have the worst lag of any system (you get what you pay for) Third XBOX Live is way better than PSN lags less and they they give you more stuff to edit your profiles with. Fourth all COD games (Activision) are made to be 100% compatable with XBOX not PS3 and you gey downloadable content 30 days sooner. Fifth 80% of the people that have any thing to do with the COD franchise have a XBOX account not a PS3. I have both systems in my home I can tell you without a doubt that XBOX’s internet connection is far superior than PS3’s. You dumb brits need to do your homework before typing your comments. Sony will never be able to have their online system working as good as XBOX Live. If you don’t believe me go rent an XBOX for yourself and you will see the difference you dumb noobs.

  6. this is crap its been over three weeks and still i cant go online. also 3 days before the network went down i tore my ACL and my maniscus at a lacrosse game making me unable to do anything phisical. So Sony while ur being an inconsiderate ass hole im stuck here in my house wasting away with nothing to do….

  7. i survived the psn blackout of 2011 says:
  8. OMFG, what the fuck is wrong with sony, im done waiting, fuk this ps3 shit, im going xbox 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I didnt get an Xbox says:

    Yeah im so happy!!!!!!

  10. Black ops king says:

    Do I just can’t wait for psn to be back up.I still got ppl to pwn in black ops. Oh my online ID is Xx_SniperWars_xX

  11. jamesadesegun says:

    what the fu*k sony get the finger out!!! we have been sat waiting for you guys to tell your customers whats going on with the online service its a total joke you have took so long to tell us what is going on. the updates have been poor to say the least its took such a big high end company this long to fix this problem. dnt get me wrong i love ps3 and use it like a drug lol but i am left feeling like a spare part waiting for you guys to tell us somthing that is in real time other that a few days? really do you think that info will keep us happy??? really do you?!?..you need to tell your loyal fans whats going on if you want to keep us…. stop messing us around and tell us when your so called updates tell us just to sit and twiddle thumbs!thanks sony!!!

  12. jamesadesegun says:

    over 4 weeks and still no word of whats going on with psn? updates lol dnt make me laugh!!! from the 1st update to the latest update they just say the same thing witch tells us sweet F. A.like your your upmost priorities are the security of the network and ensuring our data is safe.but what about us the the little people who pay for all this at the end of the day.so tell us real time lines not instead of the same crap sony!!!! 8 updates all the same!!! you must know something by now its been 4 bloodly weeks

  13. Playstationpissesoff says:

    I used to love my playstation 3, but now that it has been out for 4 weeks it just makes everyone pissed off. Sunday (the first of may) they wrote on their blog it will be up within a week and it is still not up. when it went down they said within 3 days. They desperately need to get back online or they will just keep losing more and more costumers. They should give everybody a $20 playstation points card.

    Hopefully it will be up by tomorrow. I will probably be a lot worse than i was at black ops and that just pisses me off. I’ve been playing solo zombies and got to level 49. I currently believe that zombies is not nearly as fun as it used to be and that just lowers my expectations of the Playstation 3.

  14. PlayStation says:

    We come with good news. Today, Sunday May 14th, we have recieved a final testimonial allowing us to inform you PSN will be back up in the following week! This coming Monday, start looking for a update in the update section of your PS3, because between Monday through Friday this following week, PSN will be back up. It could be on Friday or Monday or any other day, but at least we can now inform you of our narrowed down release date. I am also sorry nobody official was here to help you with your comments, but I will not be that person. A newer post will be posted with the exact date following the exact time, though we expect the time will be at U.S. eastern midnight. When PSN comes back you will be prompted to download an update for security as only the update may protect you and give you the new PSN. The update could take a couple hours though, as it needs to sinc with every PSN compatible game or program along with the ability to do other stuff.

  15. Brandon Sanders says:

    yo..you said Sunday May 14th, its Saturday May 14th. god damn can we get somoene with intelligence to help us out. fuck this shit

  16. to you guys who say that the credit card thing is a lie FUCK YOU!!!!! i lost $85 from my credit and i have a shitty job so that kindof money is hard to come by. and it not that sony doesnt care, they do care…those hackers were some of the best in the world, sony had no control over it, it could have EASILY happened to the 360. go buy a 360 and pay 60 bucks a year if you care that much for fucks sake

  17. LOL these ppl need a life says:

    I can’t believe you people fail at life so bad crying like a little baby about PSN, go out and get a job, or even better, A LIFE! gaming doesn’t have to be the main thing of your life maybe while PSN is down you can go to the jungles of Brazil and see the amazing rainforests or go to China to see the great wall. I guess you’ll never listen because your all videogame addicts. Pathetic.

  18. Mephiles44 says:


  19. PlayStation says:

    PlayStation Network is offering all of those who may have lost any sort of cash value do to identy or credit card theft is offered identity theft protection and credit card recovery possibly for free by visiting the PS3 blog, to prevent spam trafficing the link is not posted. We are also considering making everything in the PlayStation store free for one month buy giving a large portion of money to the companies that may own store stocks or products. If you are not satisfied you will need to go to the playstation website and email us and we may be able to get you more stuff beyond this extent of appoligetic gifts. (I also ment to say sunday)

  20. Howw can you blame playstation? says:

    They were Hacked By Some Of The Greatest Hackers In The World; SECONDS After The Breach They shut down psn FOR YOUR FUCKING SAFETY. WAS THAT REALLY A FCKING BAD THING?
    Fuck get over it, this could have happened to Xbox, and so there was no news for 3 days, i didn’t even know about the downn time for a week because iwas doing other things with my life; and i’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts II on my ps2, not that big a deal holy shit, and they said one week last saturday, and now it’s been one week and its up, so please shut the fuck up 🙂
    #The People Who Left Were Never Fanboys To Begin With

  21. its back on ppl

  22. I concur, with PSN doing everything right so far. But these people keep complaining about us to get a life, which is somewhat hippocritical because that person just read all of the comments, find something to bitch about, just to attempt to offend some people and tell them to get a life.
    Yes, I am aware I read all of the comments as well, however I do so because I believes forums like so are the best way to get everybody’s point of view and updates.

  23. this is some crap!

  24. charles maynard says:


  25. Ok look my ps3 disk drive broke, it wouldn’t let me put disks in it so I took it to the shop today and it has to stay there overnight and 2moro it will be fixed, I can’t tell if psn is back on here in Australia but my ps3 has been broken for over a month, yes I was a lonely little b@st@rd and sat in my room all day, no I’m not fat, I’m 15 years old and only weigh 50kg’s. I miss my ps3. Since it broke I’ve had a heartache ever since. I’m extremely sad and depressed, I have been single for 6-7 years and it’s sad yes I know. Throughout those years I got a ps3 for my 14th birthday and I almost died of happiness. Ok look I’ll admit, I suck at black ops online, but zombies, I pwn lol. I have been playing zombies on my iPhone for a few weeks. I made it to round 61 solo. It was bloody hard, I miss psn, I had ps I miss my ps3, but most of all, I had a girlfriend from kindergarten all the way through to year 5. Most of all, I miss my girlfriend. My heart has a MASSIVE hole in it. Nothing will fix that. But I cannot wait to pick my ps3 up 2moro. I don’t know if psn is back up in Australia but I will find out 2moro. You guys if psn is down you just need to walk outside and get fresh air. Sony is working there a$$’s off to fix psn. The free ps and free downloads is EXTREMELY generous of them. You should all be grateful of this. I know I will be. Btw if u wanna add me on psn my name is : SNAKE_UNCHAINED :). (I MISS YOU BROOKE </3)

  26. PlayStation says:

    PLAY STATIONN NETWORK IS BACK! Please log onto PSN and install update. Then make a new password and it will be ready. Gradually people will begin to go online. By monday morning we believe everything will be back to normal, and that all users will be playing as usual. Please enjoy the free playstation plus one month access along with Music Unlimited one month full access all available to all PSN users!

  27. i think i gonna buy a xbox 360 because they never had a hack i u with me agree

  28. PlayStation says:

    This message is not revelant with Sony. All GameWizard users are being given one month of full PlayStation3 access on the GameWizard server. In case you didnt now what this is. GameWizard is an alternate PSN by a third party orginization in partneship with sony. GameWizard is used in only a few games like Call of Duty World at War. It is used to host servers so instead of connecting to PSN you connect to GWservice. To get GWservice on your PS3 go to GameWizardService.com and order a GWservice USB used to host. No internet connection needed.

  29. Ok playstation network is finally back online. But when will playstation store be back up?

  30. I downloaded the update, but it wont let me log in. it still says its undergoing maintenance.. PlayStation why is this?

  31. PlayStation says:

    To answer a few questions and comments. 1:I am sorry to hear you switch to Xbox consol as your gaming device and apologize for your disatisfaction.
    2: PSN store will be back up on Wednesday as final preps for the new store are finalized.
    3: I had the same problem, because your areas PSN isn’t fully restored and you have a minimal connection. If this isn’t a DSN problem than you need to reboot the system and use a new password as your replacement code.

  32. killercarbon says:

    i dont really care if u like ps3 or xbox 360 and i have a life but i like the privelige of being able to come and play on the psn for free i dont really care if ist perfect or not i just wanna play online or not

  33. PlayStation says:

    It appears all conflicts have finally been resolved. As for the PlayStation store return, it could be another week from this post in order to stabilize purchisability and privacy to our users. You will have to result in looking at the Sony Entertainmnet VIA PS3 forum for all information based on this.

  34. PlayStation says:

    Everything is back and normal, I will be taking down the whole forum thing in about 2 weeks from this post. However maybe someone might stumble upon it so I will keep it open, but the comment box is closed and the issue is resolved. PlayStation is no longer giving free support for this issue as it is one revolving a money required solution. Please talk to a manolith administrator as they will properly contact us.

  35. i just got a psp and psn isn’t working right now it is October 17

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