Miley Cyrus Underwear Photos Emerge!

Celebrities never seem to learn. If you’re famous and you take a half/semi/seemingly/all out nude photo of yourself it will end up on the internet!

A new photo of Miley Cyrus in her underwear is gracing the gossip rags today. Apparently the photo was taken while on the set of her new music video, “Who Owns my Heart” apparently in the director’s chair.

Media Ploy or sexting mistake?

In the photo she’s licking her lips while revealing her bra and underwear. I wonder who she’s sending this to – either way if I were I would probably take him off her contact list.. jus’ sayin.

Now this is the same Miley Cyrus whose been ranting and raging out against the paparazzi this week. First time to days ago when she threatens a photographer who she claimed hit her mother. Yesterday she went off on another photographer lunging at him when he got too close for comfort.

Now I might be wrong here but when you’re sending off pictures of you half nude, and showing up drunk at a West Hollywood hotel (This happened last Saturday) – you’re just upping the paparazzi award for your photos. But hey, i’m sure Miley has it allll figured out.

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  1. it was for a music video that sucked worse than this picture