Happy iPad 2 Day!

The iPad 2, the long-awaited second generation of Apple tablets, is set to be announced today. Apple is hosting an event in San Fransisco at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST).

Here are five things we can expect to see and hear at the event:

The iPad 2 will be thinner and lighter. It seems like every new Apple product gets smaller. The new iPad will be no exception. In addition to a more streamlined case, the new iPad will have a flat back (which will allow it to be placed on a flat surface without wobbling).

The screen isn’t getting much better. When the iPhone 4 was introduced, it came with a revolutionary new high-resolution screen that Apple called “Retina Display.” Many industry insiders expected the iPad 2 to get a high-resolution display, but the latest rumors say that won’t be happening (at least not until the iPad 3 in announced).

There will be at least one camera. The iPad 2 is expected to be FaceTime-ready, meaning it can be used for video chat. It will have a front-facing camera for sure, but it also might have a camera on the back. Neither camera is expected to be a high-resolution camera (insiders predict a 1MP camera), so you won’t be ditching your digital camera any time soon.

MobileMe might become free. Apple used to charge $99 for their MobileMe service, which included the ability to synch contact, calendars and mail across all your devices, in addition to the ability to locate a lost mobile device. The company recently made the GPS tracking tool Find My iPhone app free and now it appears Apple might just make the entire MobileMe package a freebie.

Steve Jobs probably won’t be there. The Apple CEO is ailing and he likely won’t be present for today’s event. It’s possible that he could make a brief appearance, but don’t expect him to be the one on stage making the announcement.

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