New Windows Phone Features: Who Cares?

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer took the stage at this year’s Mobile World Congress to announce some new features coming to the Windows Phone 7. Better multi-tasking, better Twitter integration, the ability to connect to XBox Kinect and a new web browser (Internet Explorer 9) were the two most notable improvements. The question is: does anyone actually care?

The Windows Phone has been a running joke in the tech sector. It lags far behind the iPhone and Android phones in terms of sales. Ballmer made sure to mention how happy Windows Phone 7 users are, but he conveniently failed to say just how many phones had been sold (according to some reports, Windows Phone captured only a 3 percent share of the market). Steve Jobs certainly never forgets to tout his sales numbers.

Microsoft also announced a partnership with Nokia, a company that has rapidly been losing relevance in the mobile world. The partnership makes sense. Perhaps the two sinking ships can help each other plug their leaks. Then again, maybe the added weight will only cause them to take on more water.

Nokia’s first Windows Phone is expected to hit store shelves by the end of 2011.

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