Darth Vader Super Bowl Commercial 2011: Meet the Boy Behind the Mask!

Millions of people tuned in to watch the Packers steal the Super Bowl trophy away from the Steelers but it’s the amazing commercials that are still fuelling media attention today – specifically, the Darth Vader commercial featuring 6-year-old Max Page.

The six-year-old tyke took to the screen and stole the hearts of millions in his adorable clip for Volkswagon. Today, he appeared on The Today Show to talk about his instant fame.

The cute blonde boy stayed relatively mum on his newfound fame but his quiet politeness shows that he was brought up properly.

Max also appeared in a Walgreens commercial and the soap opera Young and .

The commercial has been viewed on YouTube over 10 million times in the last week or so, obviously sparking a lot of attention for the little guy.

Pretty sure he’s going to be the topic of conversation at his elementary school this week!

Let’s hope Hollywood doesn’t destroy the little guy – much like it has to many child stars of the past.

Here’s the video of the Darth Vader commercial:

To see Max on the Today Show, click here.

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