Tips for Getting the Most Out of Mapping Tools

Mapping tools are now used by many people for a wide variety of purposes. Applications such as Google Earth allow you to access very detailed information about a place, whether it’s a destination you plan to visit or you’re simply doing research. Not that long ago, people mainly used two-dimensional paper maps to find their way around. Now, between GPS and online/software mapping tools, the entire process, including understanding how the network of streets are connected, has gotten much more sophisticated. Let’s look at some tips to get the most out of these useful resources.

Street Views on Google Earth

One of the most useful features of modern mapping tools is that you can zoom all the way in to get street views of places you are interested in. Using your mouse or keyboard functions, you can adjust the view 360 degrees and see what’s located across the street or nearby.

While street views on Google Earth now include destinations all over the world, it’s still far from complete. People who want their homes, businesses or neighborhoods included can request that Google photograph these areas and put them on the map. Using street views can be helpful for anyone who is looking for a specific destination and wants to see an actual image of it.

 Driving Directions and More

Getting accurate driving directions is one of the most practical uses of mapping tools such as MSN maps. This can be done on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Most people know how to use the basic features of online mapping programs, but there are ways to make them even more useful.

For example, you can create your own maps that you can then send to friends or business associates who you are meeting. It’s also possible to edit locations on many online maps if certain details are incorrect or missing. When looking up directions, don’t forget to check out alternate routes. You can usually get two or three different recommendations for driving routes, with the distance and approximate driving time listed.

Still another function that can be very helpful is the ability to embed maps on your blog or website. This is something that can be done on Google Maps, for example. You are given a code that allows you to embed any map you want, whether it’s to your home or business.

MSN maps, Google Maps and other such tools are not only good for drivers. They are also useful for pedestrians and people seeking public transportation. On Google Maps, for example, when you put in your destination you can find a drop down box that lets you choose your mode of transportation.

 Mapping Tools Will Only Get More Advanced

You can be sure that we’re only at the very beginning of the revolution in mapping tools. As these applications get more accurate and sophisticated, it will be easier and easier to find our way around. The great thing about this technology is that it has so many different uses. Whether you want to get directions to an Italian restaurant or do research for a term paper about a place on the other side of the world, mapping tools can be incredibly helpful.


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