Protecting Your Network

It is critical that you have proper security and mapping for your network. Network mapping allows you to see which devices are on the network and what their IP addresses are. With active directory tools, you can see who has access to the network and add security rules and protocols for each computer using the network.

Where to Find Network Mapping Software

The good news is that you can find network mapping software for free online. In some cases, you may be able to make a software program on your own that enables you to map your network in several different ways. When you map your network, you get a better idea of which devices are using the network as well as how much bandwidth it is using learn this here now.

What’s an Active Directory?

An active directory is a feature offered by Microsoft that comes standard on all Windows networks. The domain controller will first authenticate any device that wants access to your network.

It will then grant authorization to the network according to any rules or security restrictions placed on a particular network. This ensures that you don’t have hackers or any other malicious users infiltrating and harming your network.

Having access to a log of those who accessed your network in the past may be able to help resolve issues on the network as they arise. For example, if a document becomes corrupted or network settings are changed, you can pinpoint exactly who may have been responsible for that happening.

See Everything to the Last Detail

You can get a status report of everything on your network in close to real time. For example, if you wanted to see how much ink is left in your printer, a network map would be able to show that to you. This is ideal for anyone who has to print or scan large documents over a shared network. In the event that you don’t have a lot of ink left in your printer, you could send the document to another printer in the network that has the ink that you need to print that document without issue.

There is a lot that can be achieved with the right network software. Creating network maps and having the ability to authenticate network users ensures that your network will run efficiently while data on the network will remain safe. In an age in which cyber security is critical, you can never take too many steps to protect your network, since an unprotected network will impede continuous data protection and open up your personal information to those who know how to access it.

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