Grey Skies: Sons of Anarchy “You Are My Sunshine” (SPOILERS)

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We are only five days away from the season six finale of Sons of Anarchy, and Tuesday night’s explosive episode, You Are My Sunshine, makes one wonder how long Jax can continue his SAMCRO lifestyle.

Once again, there was an incredible amount of humor mixed in amongst the bloodshed in You Are My Sunshine, which obviously makes for great television. However, there were moments when the dialogue seemed to be a bit much, specifically in a later scene with Tara and the kids in the car after she snatched them up. The “Mommies have to do things” line can work, but it such a cliche and felt awkward when delivered by Maggie Siff. To make matters worse, the young Abel simply said “Ok.” It’s as if SOA needed to blatantly tell the audience that Abel knows something strange happened.

In addition to the Tara scene, I was also disappointed by the scene when Tigg gets blood sprayed on his hair, and he starts laughing about it. Sure, it allowed for a classic Tig comedic moment, but it struck me as being disconnected fromm the true drama of the series. After all, Clay Morrow was suddenly killed in the previous episode, and everyone in Charming appears to be quite all right with that emotionally – even Jax and Gemma.

Although I enjoyed the overall writing of You Are My Sunshine, it seemed to stray from SOA reality, and relied on comedic moments to push the story forward rather than addressing the effects of murder from inside (Clay) and out.

Despite these concerns, the suspense of You Are My Sunshine was outstanding, most notably the deterioration of Juice, and of course, Tara’s decision to split town after not accepting D.A. Patterson’s deal.

The murder of the Chinese was a huge surprise – not because they were taken out, but rather the manner in which it happened. I’m not totally on board with SAMCRO always being able to pull of the surprise kill without actually ever losing one of their own. Don’t get mad, SOA fans – the scene was certainly believable, especially given the fact that Jax needed to keep the Irish in the mix, but for the entire Chinese crew to be wiped out was a bit like watching Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger pull out a huge gun and destroying everybody in sight.

The ending of You Are My Sunshine was reminiscent of season two when the Irish stole Abel (the kid has had a rough life), but now Jax obviously has plenty of problems to deal with in Charming. I’m curious to see how Nero plays into the finale. Jimmy Smits’ character has been so calm and collected throughout the season, but now appears to be losing his patience.

You Are My Sunshine was a fascinating episode, and next week’s finale will undoubtedly be more focused on high drama and less on comedic moments. Although I appreciate the comedy, I wish SOA would have maintained a devotion to reality in this episode. The Tigg joke can work, but Clay Morrow’s death was completely tossed aside.

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