REVIEW: Ron Burgundy Razzles and Dazzles in North Dakota News Broadcast

2912Legendary San Diego anchorman Ron Burgundy made a surprise appearance on Saturday night’s edition of KX News in Bismarck, North Dakota. While it’s not yet apparent if the anchorman was lost, or perhaps on a serious bender, the good people of North Dakota allowed Mr. Burgundy to read the evening news.

A giggly Amber Schatz co-anchored alongside the famous newsman, and appeared quite stunned when Burgundy asked if she was married. The typical RB charm was in full effect by donning his classic suit along with a stylish mustache. Burgundy brought a tremendous amount of energy to lines such as “sparkly and special incentives” when reporting on a main street Christmas tree in Minot, North Dakota.

Burgundy appeared coherent through most of the broadcast, although a strong scent of scotch apparently surrounded him. It is possible that R-Burg was wearing the latest “Sex Panther” cologne, which is currently not sold in North Dakota and may have confused the locals.

A humorous moment of the broadcast came when Burgundy questioned weatherman Jared Piepenburg about his weight. “Last time I saw you, you were a lot heavier…I feel like you lost, like, fifty pounds,” said Burgundy with a well-intentioned yet back-handed compliment. Piepenburg, the Dakota Stormcenter weatherman, smiled and handled the situation like a crafty veteran.

Although Burgundy appeared to be in top form, his performance was not entirely flawless. During Amber Schatz’s reporting of a Black Friday shoplifting, the anchorman leaned towards his co-anchor in an attempt to rattle the young woman or perhaps simply for attention despite already being on television. One can only imagine the look of horror on the faces of elderly Bismarckians.


Burgundy also struggled hard during the sports segment, especially when he put his hand on the shoulder of anchor Jon Schaeffer. RB was merely attempting to show support for the sportsman, and according to all accounts in Bismarck, Burgundy never once became handsy with anyone on set.


By the end of the broadcast, everyone involved appeared to be relieved that the experience was over, and Burgundy seemed impressed that he managed to read the news without belting out any curse words. The KX News team presented an impressive looking t-shirt to San Diego’s finest anchorman, although Burgundy did confuse it with a “burp towel.”


Ron Burgundy read the teleprompter like a true professional during Saturday night’s performance, and his command of the English language is absolutely stunning.

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