Deep Thoughts: An Afternoon With Sharknado (Part 1/2)

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When I first heard of Sharknado months ago, I thought it was part of Shark Week. I didn’t enjoy the benefits of cable television back then (and still don’t), and continued to remain ignorant with the belief that the Internet was going wild over a spectacular shark.

When the craze went on after Shark Week was over, I was a bit stunned by the idea that one fish could take over social media. Twitter offered temptation, but I never actually clicked a link and allowed myself to explore the world of Sharknado.

I can’t recall the exact moment when I learned that Sharknado was an actual film starring Tara Reid. It wasn’t quite a JFK-like “where were you” experience, but the film was certainly on my mind.

“What? Tara Reid? Sharknado? Why don’t I have cable?!?!” (said me NEVER)

Months have passed since my Shark Week fail, and yesterday I realized that it was time to enjoy all the glory of Sharknado via Netflix Instant. Sure, there are plenty of films in my queue that I need to get to, but one can’t deny Sharknado forever.

IMDB. iPhone. Sharknado. Teach me, internet.

“Ian Ziering is in Sharknado? 90210 Ian Ziering? Yikes…”

I knew that Tara Reid was in the film, and found myself pondering the days of college past when she was the P.Y.T. of American Pie.

Sharknado exceeded expectations. After living in Hollywood for six years, I was able to chuckle at all the horror of L.A. rain and nasty traffic on “the 405.”

I literally had no idea who Cassie Scerbo was until her first appearance in Sharknado, and was pleasantly surprised by her red bikini. It reminded me of my adolescence and Yasmine Bleeth.

It wasn’t long until I discovered on IMDB that Jaason Simmons from Baywatch was in the film.

Is Sharknado a twisted Baywatch nightmare?

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