Andy Kaufman Is Alive! (Right?)


Andy Kaufman is not alive.

Well, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter he could be. Twitter and Facebook naturally have three key responses:

1. Who is Andy Kaufman?

The hoax is an obvious way to make Kaufman relevant to a younger audience (which is awesome). Links will be shared by some simply because “Hollywood” is in the story, and others may mistake the famous comedian for an X-Factor contestant.

2. Hey, did ya hear that Andy Kaufman is alive, honey?

There are some people of 60 years of age or older that still don’t understand Kaufman’s original pranks. “What’s this about Kaufman being alive? Well, he was always a weirdo. Don’t you remember him on the TV?”

3. Classic Kaufman!

Andy Kaufman pulled elaborate pranks throughout the late 70s and early 80s, so why wouldn’t he lead the world to believe that he faked his own death? Classic Kaufman.

Why is Andy Kaufman’s brother talking now? May 16, 2014 will be the thirty year anniversary of Kaufman’s death, and perhaps there is something in the works. Maybe a new film? A new TV special? An Andy Kaufman appearance on the Saturday Night Live season finale?

What if Andy Kaufman was alive? Would he choose an interview with TMZ or NBC? Would he be a Twitter kind of guy or would he check in at restaurants on Facebook? I’d like to think that Andy Kaufman would still be in New York City walking down Broadway while having a fake fight with Siri on his iPhone.

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