Have You Signed Up For Google+ Yet?


Are you tired of all the whining and complaining on Facebook? Is your comedic material failing on Twitter? Does the picture of your latest meal have only one like on Instagram? Try Google+. The social networking site is an excellent way to reach people around the world, and receive feedback from others who share your same interests.

It’s not that I don’t like Facebook, I do, but over the years it has become merely a way to stay connected with friends and family. There is an amazing amount of negativity on Facebook (if you haven’t noticed), and sometimes the simple task of logging in can ruin one’s day. The thought of what’s on the other side can be depressing.

Before I discovered Google+, it seemed like just another social networking site to connect with others professionally. Then I learned about the “Communities” feature, which was a game-changer. One can join individual communities based on interests, and share information with people all over the world. For example, When I write an article for Manolith on Sons of Anarchy, I post it on Google+ in a SOA community and receive instant feedback. It’s nice to hear what people think, and some are quite stern…stern but fair.

The Google+ application is easy to use, and it’s an excellent way to stay current with your interests and learn what others users have to say. Have I been been banned for certain groups? Yes, but only for posting too many articles without actually engaging the community. One man chastised me for posting a television article in the Google TV community, and his scathing words were frightening (snicker). I learned that each community has limits.

Maybe Google+ is just another way to receive instant gratification, but you might learn something about the world. I have discovered that most users in the communities don’t take themselves too seriously – except for Sons of Anarchy fans. Don’t ever – EVER – say anything bad about Sons of Anarchy.

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