Richie Incognito and Tom Cruise Walk Into A Bar…


Richie Incognito and Tom Cruise walk into a bar…

Tom: Oh, I heard about you! However, a crazy thing happened on the way to the set – I saw you speak on TV. Such calmness! New information. New opinion. It’s a new day, Rich.

Richie: Yeah, so who are you, man? Step back, pal. Oh, you’re the guy who says acting is comparable to service in Afghanistan, right? Was that you?

Tom: Yes…that’s exactly what I said. Just the way you heard it (snickers).

The details of the Miami Dolphins fiasco are still being uncovered, and it’s amazing to see how quickly opinions can change on social media. I’m not denying that Incognito’s language in the now infamous voice mail was wrong, but can we hear what Jonathan Martin has to say before we completely destroy “the bully”?

Last weekend social media went nuts over an erroneous TMZ report about Tom Cruise and his supposed correlation between his acting and service in Afghanistan. Facebook links were shared all weekend with snarky comments, and some people became flat out nasty. CNN’s Jake Tapper has now clarified the statements of Cruise, which tell a different story. Have you seen that article on Facebook today? Probably not as much as the original TMZ report.

The culture of an NFL locker room is a topic that I’d like to think I understand, but I don’t. All we know at this point is that Jonathan Martin was upset enough to leave the team and seek counseling, however Incognito’s revelation to Jay Glazer about receiving texts from Martin sheds new light on the situation. The “I’ll kill your whole family” text was clearly perceived as a joke by Incognito, and apparently Martin was texting him just last week. Why is Martin texting with Incognito? Perhaps the “bullying” has more to do with finances.

I’m curious to see how the situation plays out, and would like to hear what Martin has to say. The racial slurs of Incognito cannot be defended, but I think we have a lot to learn not only about the bravado of an NFL locker room, but also the financial pressures and rookie hazing that come along with the territory…and perhaps a little about judgement on social media. That’s the world we live in though, I understand, so let’s see what bit of information is revealed tomorrow.

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