The Eternal Husband: Sons of Anarchy “John 8:32” (SPOILERS)

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The past, present and future was covered beautifully in the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy, “John 8:32,” and each of the main characters came to their own epiphany. What has Jax struggled with all along? The legacy of his father and his own future in SAMCRO. John 8:32 was the ultimate awakening for Jax, as all of the betrayal was slowly washed away and replaced with knowledge of the future.

For those not familiar with the biblical text John 8:32, it reads: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John Teller reigns over SOA like drama reigns over Charming. He is “The Eternal Husband” (Dostoevsky) and his presence will always be felt. I enjoyed John 8:32 because the episode chose to not only reveal the horrible truth about Tara, but it allowed each of the leads to come to grips with the past, which was preventing them from moving forward in their lives.

Jax was confronted by the past when an angry 18-year-old girl smashed the storefront window and Tig’s bike. The plot device allowed Jax to investigate the the history of his father, which gave him strength when he was forced to confront one of his greatest fears. By the end of the John 8:32 he wasn’t crying over lies, but rather looking his past in the eye, literally, and saw how far one good deed can go.

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The relationship between Nero and Gemma is outstanding. Jimmy Smits is an excellent addition to SOA and the loyalty of Nero is so crucial to the narrative. The confrontation with Jax was a key moment for SOA, and led each character (Jax/Nero/Gemma) to an acceptance and understanding of their realities. Nero cemented his place as a true pillar in the SAMCRO family by standing up to Jax, but also by trying to protect him and Gemma both. Of course all this came after Nero took the heat for the gun charge. Gemma was able to verbalize her involvement with John Teller’s murder, which she admittedly had never done before, and it was not only important for her own sanity, but also for her relationship with Nero.

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Where is Clay in all if this? Well, he’s in the clink preaching the proverbial pussy (his words, not mine), and biting off the nose of a prison guard. Clay may be the ultimate tough guy (who is too stupid to know any better), but the reality is that he’s a man defeated by the decisions of his past and the legacy of “The Eternal Husband,” John Teller. Either way, Clay was left strapped to a chair while taking a beating as a result of his most recent outburst.

Jax Teller gave up the Irish, but will his decision be worth it? Can JT forget his past and become “The Eternal Husband” for his family?

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