Hollywood Halloween: Here Comes The Night Time


I make my way down Sycamore, and come across the street kids on the floor. Their outfits already on, ragged and dirty, and tell me why they’re so poor. “Get the fuck away, man, you’re blocking the door.”

The music man is sellin’ tunes, and he’s seen me before. “What’s a few bucks, man? Yo, I know you have more.”

Shelly’s flippin’ burgers, and tourists walk by. “You want that same ol’ special? How’s your day goin’ guy?”

Yeah, I’ll take one more beer, but hey, you you know I gotta go. Oh, there’s Johnny from the block: “Bro, one more fo’ sho’.”

Look at this street, shit, just look at it now. Tourists must think it’s how we always get down.

Hey, yeah, one more beer, but I got things to do. Friend says, “Look at you man, yo, I know that ain’t true.”

Check out my cell, and feeling some darts. Beers kickin’ in – “hey, this is only the start.”

Back on the street, hey, where’s the next spot? “Let’s keep it goin’, you down with Hard Rock?”

Am I down with Hard Rock, hey, what you mean by that? You know that’s my spot, and you know it’s gon’ be packed.

Walk in the doors, and the place is insane. Hey, give me a minute, let me drain the main vein.

Kick back at the bar, and some chicks to my left. I’ll say somethin’ stupid. “Yeah, you know that’s a bet.”

Drinks are on me, hey, who’s that on stage? You girls look nice, hey, can you tell me my age?

Let’s head down the block, you know we’ll show you around. Powerhouse darts, hey, that’s how we get down.

“This is Hollywood?”, they say, and we put on some tunes. We put on some tunes and we drink us some booze.

She tells me her problems, and says “I’m such a bad wife.” The friend is having fun: “Hey, we have our whole life.” It’s Halloween night, and it’s Hollywood strife.

I can’t see, and not waitin’ around. “Another PBR?” they say, and “POUND! POUND! POUND!”

Think I’ll slip out the back, and get me some ‘za. My order is waitin’ and there’s folks breakin’ the law. Hollywood, yeah, it’s dirty and raw.

Back on the corner, and one more turn to go. Street kids spot my ‘za, they say “Hey man! Hey, yo!”

Happy Halloween, I say. Was that you with the eggin’?

“We are lost, man, and we are left beggin’.”

Let me buy you a drink, and the girls says “Hey, do you mind?”

It’s Hollywood Halloween, and here comes the night time.

I arrived at JFK airport and caught the A Train to Times Square. Naples-Paris-New York City, and LA in the morning. Here comes the night time.

Halloween; October 2009

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