You Spin Me Right Round: Sons of Anarchy “Los Fantasmas” (SPOILERS)

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Tuesday night’s episode of Sons of Anarchy was weak, and I might even pen a strongly-worded letter (or Tweet) to creator Kurt Sutter. What was going on in the writing room?

“Shit. We need something shocking. Bloody knife in the neck? Yesss. Somebody write that scene now, and you write it good. I want spraying blood. We have to stay consistent everybody. I said SPRAYING blood. Do it. No lunch today. Write it.

I am not feeling the whole Tara angle, especially since Wayne knows her scheme. It’s just a matter of time until Jax finds out the truth, but how long will SOA milk it? Why wouldn’t Wayne be loyal to Jax? There will surely be a moment in an upcoming episode where the old man is about to talk, but will suddenly get murdered by someone. “Jax…Jax. I need to tell you something kid.” BOOM. Credits. SOA theme song: “Ridin’ though this world all alone.”

I might be wrong, and Wayne will simply ride off into the sunset. We all know he should be talking to SAMCRO about Tara’s nasty business.

Who else knows about the fake pregnancy? Everybody? Wendy knows, but it looks like she may OD. Roosevelt is clearly suspicious after his conversation with Gemma, and it won’t take him long to uncover the truth. Roosevelt is no dummy. Tara’s scheme is the worst cover-up ever, but Jax is so messed up that he’ll go along with her. Just look at the last scene of the episode. He’s a puppy dog, and needs the approval of his owner. Well done, Tara, but it’s not looking good for you. It would he hilarious if there is surveillance footage of Tara’s blood banger scene.

Where is Clay? Of course he’s in the clink, but where does he fit in? Nero is now out of jail since Toric was finally pegged for the hooker murder. Well done, police. Nero certainly won’t be happy about Gemma getting framed, and it won’t be long until he has the big talk with Jax. Nero has class (despite the hooker business), and can talk sense into JT.

The effects of the school shooting were prevalent in the episode, which was a clever plot device to provide a little intrigue, and bolster the storyline with Nero. Will he continue to stay cool or have an epiphany? It could get nasty between him and Jax.

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