Five Questions: NBA 2013-2014


The 2013-2014 NBA season kicks off in six days, and basketball rubes are trembling with anticipation worldwide. LeBron James is on a quest for his third title, Kobe Bryant will be looking to make an impact in the West and the Brooklyn Nets are keeping a doc on the bench in case somebody breaks a hip.

D-Rose is back in Chicago, and Dwight Howard will be looking to elevate Houston to the next level. My favorite squad, the Minnesota Timberwolves, may shake things up in the Western Conference with a healthy Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love. Here are a few questions to ponder during the next six days.

Will LeBron James opt out after the season?

The Miami Heat are clearly the frontrunners to win their third straight NBA championship, and if they do, will LBJ choose to stay? I say no. D-Wade and Bosh can obviously still play, but they are aging and King James will need some new running mates. Where could he go? The Lakers will certainly make a run, but I think LBJ will head back to Cleveland. The current roster can ball, and the Cavs have one of the premiere point guards in the league, Kyrie Irving, who is only twenty-one years old. Throw in the #1 pick Anthony Bennett, Andrew Bynum, Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters…DAMN!

Is Brooklyn the best team in New York City?

Sorry Carmelo Anthony – I know you are a great scoring mind, but you’ll have to step it up to keep things interesting in Manhattan. Brooklyn brought in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce from Boston, and although I’m not huge on the roster as a whole, the starting five looks good on paper. I’ve never been a huge fan of Brook Lopez or Joe Johnson, however Deron Williams has some serious game. Let’s see how their chemistry works out.

Who will be the standout rookie?

Victor Oladipo of the Orlando Magic. He’ll score a lot of points and have plenty of highlights early on. I don’t know enough about Anthony Bennett in Cleveland to make any bold predictions, but I am looking to see how Nerlens Noel does in Philly. I can’t believe the 76ers traded away Jrue Holiday, and I was shocked that the New Orleans Pelicans (“great new nickname!” – Nobody) let go of Noel. Although I have seen Nerlens Noel play numerous times, I might just be intrigued by his fantastic name.

Can Houston claim the top spot in the West?

Dwight Howard has a fresh new home, and the starting five is looking nasty: Howard, James Harden, Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parson and Terrence Jones. I don’t think the Rockets have the maturity to take over Oklahoma City. Lin might be able to keep the squad together, but the rest of the cast will have to prove they can play together. Minnesota is coming for you, Houston. We’re comin’!

Can Kobe calm down Los Angeles?

I think L.A. has their own ways of calming themselves down, but damn do they love them some basketball. Kobe Bryant will not only come back strong, but will find a way to bring the team to the playoffs. Yeah, yeah…I know the team is old, but the Lake Show will be in contention as long as they have Kobe. Nobody is expecting much from the Lakers, so look for them to take advantage and make their mark.

What do you think? Who are the biggest sleepers for the 2013-2014 season?

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