Saturday Night Live S39 E3 (Bruce Willis/Katy Perry)


Last week’s episode of SNL was the one episode of the season that your parents or an anti-SNL friend decided to watch. You plead with them that it will get better, and then Bruce Willis begins playing the harmonica during the monologue.

Why did “The Harmonica Incident” have to take place? Most people know that Bruce can play the white man blues, but do we really need to see it on SNL? Let’s all be thankful that he didn’t put on shades.

This episode of SNL had several cluster F’s aka horrible sketches. There was “Centauri Vodka,” “Beer Pong,” and the dreadful “Black Ops.” Well, maybe it wasn’t that brutal, but Bruce Willis was just a-ight, and none of the cast members have stepped up with recurring characters that America can get behind. This episode of SNL did show potential though, and it’s nice to see more of Jay Pharaoh.

Most Hilarious Performance by a Cast Member


Bobby Moynihan as Kirby in “Armageddon.” Hair. Facial Expressions. Voice. Did you ever see that skit where Moynihan imitated that kid who got freaked out by a computer monster and punched the screen? Kirby is that kid, only he is now older, in space and has a cat named “Fuzz Aldrin” that “sings like a little Kitty Purry.”

Most Disturbing/Hilarious Moment for Everybody


Whoa. “Boy Dance Party.” This sketch was absolutely hilarious, but I can’t un-see Jay Pharaoh’s facial expressions, Taran Killam’s sack of doom or even un-hear Bobby Moynihan rapping. Life-long fans of Bruce Wllis will be devastated by the sketch with all the thrusting. Bruce’s facial expression is worse than his harmonica face, and everybody knows how bad that is. Hilarious sketch. Great ending.

Best Katy Perry Moment?


Well…the performances of Katy Perry were something that happened? KP is nice to look at, and is certainly a talented young woman, but the only thing that could have made the performances worse would have been a RayBan wearing Bruce Willis on jazz flute or harmonica.


Best Jim Carrey “The Cable Guy” Rip-Off


Taran Killam in “Protective Son.” Killam must enjoy “The Cable Guy” as much as I do because his character’s laugh is almost identical to Jim Carrey’s Chip Douglas, not to mention the physical mannerisms. “Protective Son” has the potential for a recurring character, however SNL devoted too much time to “Chun” joke. The sketch could be improved if Killam played a variation of a Jim Carrey character each time…maybe Ace Ventura or Lloyd Christmas. Maybe SNL needs Carrey to host?

Best Sketch/Most Potential For Recurring Characters


Jay Pharaoh and Kenan Thompson in “The Ol’ Barbershop.” I loved this sketch, and can see Pharaoh and Thompson having a lot of success with it. I don’t know if they were allowed to adlib at all, but there is certainly plenty of room to run wild with the dialogue, and deliver laugh-out-loud moments. Bruce Willis wasn’t that funny, but he played his part. “The Ol’ Barbershop” could be huge with the right host to play off Pharaoh and Thompson.

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  1. You seem pretty obsessed with, and significantly attached to, the relative quality vs lameness of SNL.
    Suggestion: if your week’s value is in any way contingent upon a tired old late-night TV show long past it’s prime being even marginally entertaining ~ well, that’s a sad sad statement in itself. If you “plead with them” to “get better”, you’re wasting your life.

    • Oh, c’mon Jeff. Give me a break. It’s comedy. Let me ask you a question – do you watch the show? Or are you another person who just bitches about it and takes shots at people like myself who a few minutes writing about it? Loosen up.