WWOOF Italia: Hollywood To Rome


My old apartment on North Sycamore Avenue in Hollywood

Last week I wrote about the continuation of my WWOOF experience (read it HERE), and it was now time to make a decision about where to start. 

I know what I need to do. How is it going to happen though? WWOOF e-mailed me a list, but now I just choose a place? Naples. That’s where I need to go. I e-mailed twenty farms all over Italy, and heard back from five. North. South. East. West. Sicily.

My flight is booked. Los Angeles-Chicago-Rome. One way ticket. 

Dreamworks called me. Of course they did. They call me on the day I book my flight to Italy. That’s a nice hook to stay in Hollywood.  I’ve made up my mind, I told them. Well, call us when you get back, they tell me. We respect your decision.

The street kids are roaming about Hollywod Boulevard, and the tourists are everywhere today. Choppers in the sky looking for someone. Will I come back here?  I don’t know…

Everyone I used to know is carrying on with their lives, so I guess I’ll just get on with mine. Fuck it.

I walked by the Roosevelt Hotel, and folks are dishin’ out dough. I don’t know.

Why did I tell my Dad about DreamWorks? Shit. Why did I tell my Mom about Dreamworks? Shit. They have my back, but maybe I should have left that part out. It’s happened so quickly, and I haven’t even told all my friends. I’m not sure they even want to hear about it though. That’s just Q, they’ll say. Yeah, maybe. That’s not true. Focus.

This time I’ll stop worrying about everybody else. 

I’d like to begin near Naples, and I found a place on the island of Ischia. Twenty miles outside Naples. The host is a world-class sailor, and apparently they offer Akaido classes. Google Akaido.

One of my cousins from Las Vegas e-mailed and I asked me if knew what I was getting into to. No, I don’t. But, yes I do. Sorry-Not Sorry. Ischia? Isn’t that near Capri? It’s an island! Yes, I know it is. Travel research means nothing unless you sit down and explain it all to people. You just gotta do it. I know where I’m going. 

I’m waiting to hear back from the host at Ischia, otherwise I found a farm forty miles outside Rome. They gave me directions how to get there, and I’d be living with the host, his wife and two twenty-five year old daughters. Focus.

I’ve heard back several times from a host outside Venice, and they are ready for me to arrive on April 30th. Well, just hold on, I told ’em. I’m not ready quite yet. Venice? Rome? Naples?

An old lady at the Hard Rock Cafe asked me if I know what the hell I’m doing. No, go on to Italy, she says. What I mean is – do you know what the hell you’re doing here?

The host at Ischia confirmed that I can stay with them for a minimum of three weeks, but possibly more. Yes. I’ll fly into Rome, and stay there for a few days to get acclimated. After that? Naples for the weekend before I go to Ischia and start my WWOOF experience. 

I think I want to stay in Naples the whole time. Well, maybe not. I’m going to be in Italy, yeah? Let’s see what happens. April 30th is the date. I fly out of LA on Sunday, April 23rd and will be in Rome for the week.

I’m going to miss Venice Beach in the summer. Santa Barbara. But I’ll be back? I’m going to be on an island outside of Naples, though? I’ll work 9 to 1, help prepare lunch with the family, and have the rest of the day off. The cost? Nothing. Well, maybe a 10 dollar trip to Naples. 10 dollar bill. I have to get caught up on Euros.

Two and half years ago I stayed at Alessandro Palace, and loved it, so I booked a room for a few nights. It’s a hostel, but a good one. There is a bar on the ground level, and a quiet roof on the top of the building where I can write. It’s all coming together now. LA-Chicago-Rome. Alessandro Palace. Naples for the weekend. Ischia on April 30th. Is this happening?

My cousin Cody’s friend, Federica, will pick me up at Fiumicino Airport in Rome. 

“Standing on the corner. Suitcase in my hand.”

Read Part 4 next Friday.

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