A Tale From The Upper Midwest: Minnesota and Green Bay TIE?


“Thanks for coming everybody. Have a great day!”

Life has been difficult for NFC North fans in recent weeks, especially those in Minnesota and Green Bay. The Vikings are dealing with an extreme case of quarterback identity, and the Pack is struggling to ponder life without someone named Favre or Rodgers. Hey, it’s getting cold in the upper Midwest as well, but one can always temporarily ease the pain with a little football at Lambeau Field.

It’s little Johnny’s first time at an NFL game, and he has made the long trek from the iron range of Minnesota with Pops just to see their favorite squad play. Tickets were purchased months in advance, and dreams of a New York Super Bowl were all the talk during dinner time.

“Hey, pops, just wait until November 24th! Just wait! The Vikes will be atop the North, and we’ll even get to see Aaron Rodgers fire that pigskin! I can’t wait! Sure, it’s gonna be cold, but it can’t get any worse than up here, huh?”

“That’s right, son. Do you know what the best part of football is, little Johnny? There is always a winner and loser. Those players battle it out in the cold for a couple three-four hours, and one team emerges as the winner.”

“Really, pops? Never a tie?”

“Never a tie, son. Well, (chuckles)…technically it can happen. It never does though. It’s quite rare. If we drove from here to Green Bay and sat in the cold through a purple and Green Bay tie…well, let’s not think about that. Let’s not even think about the fact that out favorite squad could be a total disaster by late November.”

“Whaddya talkin’ about, pops? We have AP!”

“Sure…sure. You do know that we also have Christian Ponder, right?”

“Well geez, dad. All he has to do is throw the ball. Am I right?”

“Yes, you are, little fella. All he has to do is throw the ball to our own players…not the other team. Then again, maybe there will be a new quarterback in town.”

“A new quarterback, pops? Say it isn’t so! Don’t talk like that.”

“You’re right, kid. It’s highly unlikely that out favorite squad will trade for a better quarterback. It’s also even more unlikely that we’ll be able to sign a new quarterback that’s better than Ponder or anybody else we might have.”

“You lost me, pops. I don’t really care who the quarterback is. I don’t even care if we’re not that good. I don’t even care if I have to sit in the cold for several hours. The only thing I want to do is see a game at Lambeau Field.”

“I guess you’re right, little feller. I suppose you also wouldn’t mind if there was a tie game?”

Little Johnny froze at the possibility of a tie game after everything he would go through just to get to Lambeau Field.

“You know what, pops? Maybe when I’m older.”

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