The Dissolve’s Matt Singer Wrote an Awesome Retro on Sylvester Stallone’s Career


In case you missed it, The Dissolve published an excellent piece by Matt Singer yesterday about the career of Sylvester Stallone. Did you know that Sly is the only living actor to top the box office in each of the last five decades? Singer watched every Stallone film since 1970, and breaks down the work in eight “rounds.” The article is a fascinating read, and it’s quite amazing to think about how Sly went from a soft-core porno (The Party At Kitty And Stud’s aka Italian Stallion) to Rocky within six years.

I grew up in the late 80s watching Mike Tyson box on television, and also ruined my eyesight playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! on Nintendo (007-373-5963 – I still remember the code). Meanwhile, I was becoming a great movie mind, and Sly had already made four Rocky films that one could enjoy on VHS. Sylvester Stallone is partly responsible for bringing me (and many others of my age) into the world of movies and sports.

After seeing Escape Plan last week, and now reading Singer’s article, it’s difficult to fathom how Stallone has truly gone the distance and never given up. I never realized until now that I haven’t paid much attention to the re-emergence of the actor’s career over the past seven years.

Escape Plan was a pleasant surprise, and Stallone proved that he still knows how to kick some ass even at the age of sixty-seven. However, he takes himself quite seriously in the film, but if people are still willing to buy the product than why not push the limits?

The previews for the upcoming Grudge Match with Robert DeNiro are mildly depressing, and I hope Stallone can poke fun at himself without trying too hard to prove that he’s still got it. We know you got it, Rocky. You don’t need to wear a backwards hat and walk with the posture of a frat boy. I think LL Cool J even calls him “kid”? Subliminal messaging?

It’s refreshing to see a legend like Stallone still going the distance, and Singer’s piece on The Dissolve is a nice reminder about the trials and tribulations of not only maintaining a career in the industry, but how to stay relevant even when you appear to be at the bottom.

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