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Me, Shelly (Australia) and Danilo (Brazil). A crazy Australian named Page took the photo.

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Throughout my three months in Italy, I visited Rome on three occasions. The first five days, one night in the middle before I flew to Athens, and also the weekend before I flew back to the United States by way of Istanbul, Turkey (a practical connecting flight).

Alessandro Palace is highly recommended hostel not just for roaming travelers, but for people of all ages. The location is a few blocks from Roma Termini Train Station if you want to take advantage of the simple but crowded A-B trains, and you can also easily walk to the main sights of  Rome. When I arrived at Alessandro Palace in 2009, I checked in and decided to walk until I saw the Colusseum, and I was there within twenty minutes.

When I say that Alessandro Palace, or any hostel for that matter, is for everyone – I truly mean it. People of all ages travel the world, and look for the most convenient and cheapest place to stay for a good time. Alessandro Palace is a good time. My roommates on day one in Rome were a couple from Vancouver, a Brazilian and a 60-year old woman who was traveling the world on her own.

My hostel of choice in Rome was definitely Alessandro Palace due to the location, comfortability, ground level bar and their epic pub crawls. There is a common perception that hostels are only for “the youth,” but that is simply not true.


At Termini Train Station With The Argentines

During my ninety days in Italy, I stayed at Alessandro Palace five times, and also spent four nights at others hostels, which were slightly different than what I was used to. On one occasion I had eleven roommates, and was miserable due to lack of sleep and the smell of the room. It wasn’t a surprise, but just something you deal with while traveling.

I stayed at three hostels in three night during my last weekend in Italy. Within minutes of arriving at Alessandro Palace, I met a group of people that I would eventually spend the whole weekend with: two Australians and a Brazilian. By the second day, Alessandro Palace was booked, and the Australian girl Shelly recommended a place nearby. The front desk offered me a deal – I could pay a little more for a private room. Awesome. I threw my clothes all over, busted open a bottle of Peroni and kicked back before I went out with friends. Later that night, someone was waking me up at 3 AM and said my clothes were on their bed. Individual room, huh? Hostel life.


Alessandro Palace

On my final day in Italy I went to Mass at The Vatican with friends, had dinner near the Trevi Fountain and drank beers on the Spanish Steps. It was a nice close. However, when I arrived at my third hostel near Termini Train Station (one I had never been to), the door didn’t open, and I knocked for a solid hour before the front desk person woke up.

If you go to Rome – enjoy the extravagant hotels if you have the money. However, if you want a good time, and want to meet people from all over the world – make a reservation at Alessandro Palace on Via Vicenza.

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