Anatomy Of A Scene: “You Don’t Deserve A Son” in Sons Of Anarchy “Sweet and Vaded”

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Sons of Anarchy delivered one of the most unforgettable episodes of the series on Tuesday with “Sweet and Vaded.” The dialogue was tight, the comedy was on point and the drama reached new heights. There was a time when SOA was just a fun television show to watch (for me), but Kurt Sutter has brought the series to the next level with brief but poignant moments that reach far beyond the classic structure of what has been seen in prior seasons. It’s difficult to root for Jax Teller at times, and some fans may take issue with his “emotions” (oh no, not that – especially on a TV drama), but it’s the very inner thoughts of Jax that move SOA forward, and allow one to sympathize with his decisions.

Jax Teller shot a woman in the head in “Sweet and Vaded.” In fact, he blew the brains of Alice (Adrienne Barbeau) all over the pictures of young children that she was exploiting. SOA provided the shock value, but the disturbing scenes leading up to that moment not only revealed the horrible history of Venus Van Dam, but also the true inner thoughts and fears of Jax Teller.

The final speech of Alice began with “You don’t deserve a son,” and although her words were directed towards Venus, she might as well been looking at Jax. In that moment, Alice was Jax’s mother Gemma…she was Tara…she was the voice that expressed all of the fears Jax has for his own son.

“You don’t deserve a son. I had a son once, and he forgot who he was. Deserted his family. Turned into a freak of the fringe (MS of Jax; he begins to process the words). You go ahead. You tell that sweet boy all about his Daddy (camera still on Jax). How much you love him. Want the best for him. It won’t matter. Because when he finds out what you are (camera back on Jax), he’s gonna grow up hatin’ you (Jax is tearing up). Hating your lies (Jax looks up then down as if embarrassed), hating the life you forced him into (camera still on Jax), and hatin’ himself. This boy’s gonna blow his brains out before his balls completely drop. Not cause of me. Or his dead momma. But because of you. (CU on Jax). The awful thing that turned out to be his father (Jax raises his gun and puts a bullet in Alice’s head).

Jax killed the monster that was Alice, but also tried to silence everything that he is afraid of. What happens next? Jax’s girl Tara sets up his mother by claiming she killed their unborn child (there never was one), and makes Jax vow to keep her away. Where does it end?

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  1. That was one powerful scene. Those words hit Jax right in the heart.