Crime and Punishment: Sons of Anarchy “Salvage” (SPOILERS)

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What the heck, Kurt Sutter? The latest episode of SOA, “Salvage,” was not only funny, but surprisingly death-free. It was a nice change of pace, although I think most believed something bad would happen once Juicy decided to go buckwild on Eden’s finest.

“Salvage” must be the calm before the storm, because Charming can’t stay quiet for too long.

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Eli Roosevelt is the calm center of Charming, but I’m not sure he can keep it up. There is too much going down for him not to lose his damn mind, especially if things get worse between the Irish and SAMCO (and you know they will). His current battle, however, is with District Attorney Tyne Patterson who decided to suddenly “go hood” all over everybody’s asses. She’s blind to the fact that Toric was a legit crazy person, and refusing to let Nero off the hook, even though good ol’ Deputy Roosevelt is dropping truth bombs all over her. Tara is about to feel the wrath of D.A. Patterson, but let’s see what Gemma has to say about that.

I don’t understand why Toric’s room was left untouched. Once he had his throat slashed in a bloody prison murder, and had already gained the attention of Roosevelt, one may have thought that it might be a good idea to see where he was staying, and if there was any dead hooker evidence in the room. What is D.A. Patterson expecting to happen once all the information about Toric is uncovered?  Maybe she is going “hood” all the way, which could be bad for poor Eli Roosevelt.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 6.33.03 PMGaalen is a real piece of work, huh? He tries to literally destroy everybody involved with SAMCRO,  but fails, and then gets to talk smack to them via long-distance phone call.

I loved how Gaalen told Jax he didn’t give a shit about their democracy, and then Teller looked around the room like “Well, damn…what next?” Everyone nods and a new deal is reached. What’s the story with the Irish prisoners? The Kings clearly thought their men had been killed, but now SAMCRO is going to hold on to them for a few days? Do the Irish care what happens to them? If Liam Neeson ever wants out of the “Taken” franchise,  I think a good replacement would be Timothy V. Murphy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 6.33.57 PMI don’t know where Tara fits in all of this. She’s filing for a divorce, has Wendy involved and now bringing Wayne into the plot? Did you see his reaction? I don’t think he’s going to keep quiet about Tara’s master plan to keep the kids out of Charming. How long will it be until Gemma claims the throne as the Queen B of SAMCRO? Maybe she already has that title, though?

There’s so many angles on SOA. Gemma went back to prison to meet up with Clay who is apparently going to be the new gun distributor. Who is the odd man out for this season? Someone has to go.

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Well, the Eden P.D. got a big surprise in “Salvage.” Of course Juice needed to lose his mind for this whole scenario to work, and it was a good plot device to ultimately make this episode of SOA not so depressing. We all understand that Juice is a tough guy now, and everybody in SAMCRO recognizes that, but what is it leading up to? Is Juice someone that can take control of SAMCRO one day, or will he and Tig disappear by the end of the season? The answer may be surprising, as it appears that Juice isn’t going to back down from anybody. Let’s all remember the classic (?) line from the Tupac Shakur film,”Juice” (see link below):

You got that much Juice?

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 6.35.31 PMHow about that speech? That was next-level Bill Clinton stuff.

Jax Teller is truly a master orator.

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