The Keg of Doom: Sons of Anarchy “The Mad King” (SPOILERS)

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Kurt Sutter has raised the level of violence this season on Sons of Anarchy, and the ties that bond everyone together have never been more impactful. Is the high murder rate in Charming needed to show how the individuals of SAMCRO are pulled apart and then back together?

SOA always delivers the goods when it comes to montages, and the opening of “The Mad King” was no exception. After the horror of last week’s episode (“Aye, hands off”), one could only imagine how Sutter would maintain the suspense. Jax and the crew had their game faces on, and staked out the Irish after the murders of two club members. While the open was incredibly entertaining, I thought Jax was a little too reckless. Of course he didn’t know what was going to happen, or who was there, but it seemed a bit ridiculous that the Irish couldn’t manage to injure Jax while he was driving straight at the them. Yes, I understand JT had his head down, but it seemed a bit far fetched, even for SOA.

“Hey, where’s Jax?

“Who? JT? The Irish got him, man. They surprised us. I’m regretting the long drive we made directly at them.

The outcome led SAMCRO to the Irish sans Gaalen, and Jax displayed strong psycho game, ala Frank Costello in “The Departed,” by putting a knife through a man’s hand. He got the information he needed though.

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The jail scene was a huge shocker. For some reason, I thought it was all a sick game from the mind of Clay, but not unlike Nero, he has an enormous amount of respect for Gemma. Well, maybe not right? We’ve seen how nasty Clay can be, and he certainly has no where to go. In fact, this whole season has proved that Sutter is upping the ante in regard to the shock effect.

This season of SOA has provided devastating moments, but the attention has always transitioned to show us the true loyalties of the characters. For Gemma, she can rely on Nero. For Jax, it is Chibs, who has now literally stepped up to the SAMCRO leader, but also shown his true brotherly support, which has never been more evident than in the final, explosive moments of “The Mad King.” Tig is clearly paranoid, and not sure where he stands with Jax, but has found a certain amount of loyalty with Juice, who is equally paranoid.

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The final moments of “The Mad King” are reflective of the inner turmoil of all those involved with SAMCRO. Their very core was blown to bits, but everyone made it out alive. Did you notice how the whole group was there? It was a shared experience. Live together, die together. SAMCRO and their loved ones looked in the eyes of death, but made it out together.

I loved how Chibs has stood his ground with the crumbling King Jax, and even threw him up against the wall. The look on the face of the SAMCRO President was priceless. He was pissed, but immediately recognized that Chibs was truly not playing around anymore. By the end of the episode, Chibs not only verbally reached out to Jax, but waited around to make sure the Teller family made it out of the building. Big episode for Chibs.

The episode was called “The Mad King,” but could also been called “The Irish Don’t Give a F about SAMCRO.”

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