Harrison Ford’s Wit, Crankiness Dominate Comic-Con Panel for ‘Ender’s Game’

Photo via theverge.com

Photo via theverge.com

Ender’s Game is a weird film to get excited for. On the one hand, it’s based on the all-time classic sci-fi novel of the same name and it should be an immensely fun film to watch. On the other hand, it was written by a gigantic dickhead who thinks gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry each other: Orson Scott Card.

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to separate art from the views espoused by the artists who create it and judge the art on its own merits, but this is far from a perfect world. A lot of people will be uncomfortable watching a movie based on a novel written by an extremist who once suggested citizens rise up and overthrow the government “by whatever means is made possible or necessary” if gay marriage became legal.

It would be nice to say the main story at yesterday’s panel for the film at the San Diego Comic-Con was the release of new footage from the film, but it was, of course, the discussion of the author’s views. Though many of those in attendance booed the question when it was raised by an audience member, star of the film Harrison Ford was quick to deliver an answer that was remarkably satisfying.

“I think none of Mr. Card’s views on gay marriage are part of the thematics of this film.”

He added: “I think we all know that we’ve won. That humanity has won. And that’s the end of the story.”

With that out of the way, Ford and the other panelists (but the only person anyone really wanted to hear from was Ford) could get down to business addressing the more important questions, like what Han Solo would say to Indiana Jones if they met.

“Probably ‘Hi, how are you?'” was Ford’s annoyed response.

Next up, a fan asked if Han Solo would be a good soldier for General Gaff’s army.

“I don’t think Han Solo would be a good soldier in anyone’s army,” Ford responded. “He’s more, what we call now, an independent contractor.”

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