NHL 14 Gives Gamers a Legit Reason to Buy Another Sports Game (VIDEO)

Even for an avid hockey fan like me, it’s hard to justify spending $60 every year buying the most updated version of the NHL video game franchise.

But it appears Electronic Arts, makers of NHL 14 (and every other sports game), are actually giving me a legitimate reason to buy their newest hockey game.

Photo via easports.com

Photo via easports.com

So, what’s new? Well, there are updated rosters, slightly better graphics, a few interesting new animations and a new soundtrack — but they do that every year.

The real draw this year is NHL 14‘s “NHL ’94 Anniversary Mode,” a completely new gameplay feature that brings the look and feel of the classic Super Nintendo and Genesis game NHL 94 to today’s hockey game.

And that doesn’t just mean EA stuck NHL 94 on a disc with NHL 14. Instead, the new mode transforms the existing game — complete with updated graphics — to reflect the older title. You get the classic soundtrack and controls, as well as throwback graphics.

Going by the video below, it seems the game has a 16-bit feel to it without sacrificing the graphics available through the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

NHL 14 launches September 10.

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