First ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gameplay Trailer Is Mind-Blowing (VIDEO)

We’re only a few months away from the release of Rockstar Games’ next Grand Theft Auto game, GTAV, but we’ve only just received the highly anticipated title’s first gameplay video. And it’s mind-blowing, to say the least.

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First, the game is massive, covering a wide variety of urban and rural environments. Players can pilot speed boats, planes, off-road vehicles and the usual sports cars and minivans. Players also take control of not one, not two, but three main (and very unique) characters — all of whom have interweaving storylines.

The missions often involve all three characters working together, giving the game less of a ‘one man against the world’ feel.

The main characters also go about their daily lives when not being controlled by players. Gamers can switch from one character to the other in real time.

There’s simply a ton of stuff to do in this game. You can play a round of golf, go hunting for a ten-point buck or practice your shooting skills at the firing range.

The game’s main missions are also much more nuanced than before. You can carefully plan each mission, such as a bank robbery, before executing it. This means you can decide to go in guns-a-blazing or take a more thoughtful, less dangerous approach. In effect, it’s like blending a set-piece game like Hitman: Absolution or Splinter Cell with an open world title — and that, my friends, is pretty radical stuff.

In fact, the game is so big and so ambitious that it’s already winning the respect of industry leaders. Metal Gear Solid designer Hideo Kojima recently said he’s “depressed” by the new GTAV trailer because he doesn’t think the next Metal Gear game can match it.

GTAV will be released this September.

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