Anderson Silva’s a Jerk, Punches Unsuspecting People (VIDEO)

Okay, so I’ve watched the video above several times now (and even slowed it down to watch it frame-by-frame) and I have a startling accusation to make: I think it might be fake.

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

What evidence could I possibly have to support such a damning claim, you might ask. Well, for one thing, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is significantly clearer and brighter than most of the other people in the video.

It’s almost as if some clever video editor extracted him from a different video and used special effects to insert him in this one, in order to make it look like he’s attacking unsuspecting people with his fierce MMA moves.

But you guys don’t think anyone would do such a thing, do you? Go on the Internet and post a video full of lies?


This has gotta be the real deal.

Besides, UFC president Dana White tweeted about it. It must be legit. Anderson Silva is just a big, mean jerk.

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