Drake Got Denied Entrance to the Heat Locker Room, But Eventually Got to Party (VIDEO)

It’s easy (and fun) to make fun of Drake, so let’s take a break and partake in a bit of Drake hate this morning. Damn, those rhymes were better than Drake’s!

After the Heat defeated the Spurs last night, Drake was caught on video trying to weasel his way into the team’s locker room to join the celebration. Then, seconds later, he was caught on tape getting stone cold denied. The sad puppy look on his face when he realizes he isn’t going to get everything he wants for probably the first time in his life is just glorious:

“I am media.” LOL.

It appears Drake persisted in his attempts to party with LeBron and company, however, and he was eventually successful.

Photo via Twitter

Photo via Twitter

Don’t the two of them kind of look like a couple in that photo? It looks like LeBron’s introducing his parents and siblings to his shy girlfriend for the first time. So cute!

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