World’s Largest Crocodile Celebrates Birthday With World’s Grossest Cake (PHOTOS)

Photo via ABC

This dude is huuuge. / Photo via ABC

Meet Cassius. He just turned 110.

Cassius, who lives at the Marineland Melanesia crocodile habitat on Green Island, Queensland, Australia, is the world’s largest crocodile in captivity. Having just celebrated his 110th birthday, he’s also considered the oldest croc in captivity.

Is he really 110 years old? Who knows. He’s believed to easily be over the century mark, so 110 is as good a year as any.

If you were to ask Cassius his age, it’s presumed he would be relatively unresponsive and disinterested. Truth is, he might be 125 years old, or maybe even 1,000 years old … but probably not.

Measuring in at a whopping 17 feet, this monster croc was named after the self-proclaimed greatest boxer in history, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali). He was taken in by the habitat in 1984, after being deemed a pain-in-the-butt by local boaters. Seems Cassius was guilty of taking a few chomps out of motor boats. And who can blame him? When you’re that big, anything could serve as a potential meal.

In grand fashion, the wranglers at the habitat offered Cassius a delicious cake-shaped mass of chicken necks to celebrate his special day.

Photo via Marineland Melanesia

Mmmm, chicken neck birthday cake / Photo via Marineland Melanesia

According to wrangler Billy Craig, it only took Cassius about 30 seconds to devour the collection of meat. So much for sharing with his guests. Still, they sang “Happy Birthday” to their oldest resident, as Cassius probably thought to himself, “Are you humans as delicious as you look, or as bad as you sound?”

Photo via Marineland Melanesia

Photo via Marineland Melanesia

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