Maurice Jones-Drew Allegedly Delivered a One-Punch KO to a Security Guard

Photo credit: Jake Roth / USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Jake Roth / USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the NFL’s smallest players, standing only 5’7″, but he has a lot of power in his compact frame. A security guard at a resort in Florida found that out first-hand when Jones-Drew knocked him out cold with a single punch, TMZ is reporting.

The alleged incident happened on May 26, during “Reggae Sunday” at the Conch House Marina Resort in St. Augustine, Fla. Police allege Jones-Drew struck a security guard in the left cheek with a closed fist, knocking him unconscious. TMZ is reporting the punch was intentional.

Allegedly, a member of the security staff told a member of Jones-Drew’s entourage to keep his hands off a young woman who was present at the resort. That individual then responded by making an aggressive gesture towards the security guard.

At that point, it’s alleged that Jones-Drew stepped in and delivered a one-punch knockout.

Jones-Drew missed most of the 2012 NFL season with a foot injury. As recently as two weeks ago, it was reported that he was on track to play in the 2013 season opener. Depending on the outcome of this legal case and the possible suspension that could be handed down by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the Jaguars may be without their star running back when the team hosts the Kansas City Chiefs on September 8 at EverBank Field.

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