This J.C. Penny Kettle Looks a Lot Like Hitler (PHOTO)

It’s Memorial Day, so you should be outside applying fire to the flesh of at least two or three different species of animal while your family members soak up the sun and soak each other with water pistols. That must be what everyone else is doing this afternoon, because today’s news cycle is sloooooow.

So slow, in fact, that I’m about to report on the story of a billboard advertisement featuring a tea kettle that looks a little bit like the greatest villain of the 20th century.

This is the billboard in question:

Photo via Imgur

Photo via Imgur

Yep, that looks eerily like Adolph Hitler, especially when you squint your eyes a bit (the effect of which the Redditor who uploaded this photo to Imgur has kindly recreated for us on the right). It has the infamous moustache and slightly-less-infamous haircut. It has the light jacket and dark tie. It has its right “arm” raised in a Nazi salute. It’s all there.

Photo via

Photo via

This is no Photoshop job. The kettle is real. You can buy it at J.C. Penny for about $45, if you wish to own the kind of product that will make you stop in your tracks when you stumble into the kitchen half-asleep in the morning. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I wanted to think of a good Nazi/tea pun to end this post on, but all I’ve come up with is Fuhrearl Grey and chamoheil. My apologies.

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One Response to This J.C. Penny Kettle Looks a Lot Like Hitler (PHOTO)

  1. Grace Sturmo says:

    Took me a while to see the resemblance, sill I see it as a short, round, midgett versión of Hitler because of the proportion. Why can’t people try to see it as Charlie Chaplin? Waiving hello like Mickey Mouse famous waving pose? Or, maybe this is a sign that many drivers need to wear near sighted glasses… scary.